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At the tender age of five, twins Bandile and Banele Mbere (above), who were born in Boston in the United States, moved to South Africa. When they were 16, they threw the ‘Robot Party’ which ended up changing their lives. Professionally, the duo started off as promoters, having hosted some of the country’s biggest parties. “So when we started DJing, we started at our own parties when artists or DJs wouldn’t make it to their sets on time,” Mbere tells FORBES AFRICA, from the United Kingdom where the duo is currently performing.

“We started a movement called ‘new age Kwaito’ with our peers. This movement was all about making Kwaito music look pretty and young. And after that, we went into Amapiano. Amapiano is Kwaito but falls more onto the dance/house side.”


The duo is most known for their “balcony mixes” with over two million views on YouTube.